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Leesburg, VA  20175
Winery: 703-737-3930

 Tasting Room Hours  

Monday - Closed
Tuesday  12 - 5pm
Wednesday 12 - 5pm
Thursday  12 - 5pm
Friday  12 - 8pm
Saturday  11 - 7pm
Sunday  11- 6pm


Easter Sunday
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

Tasting fee $8 + tax 
Group (8 people or more) fee 
$12 + tax
Reservations and $50 deposit required (no refunds within 72 hours)


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Wine Club   

 Become a member of our Wine Club and
enjoy many benefits, including: 

*No tasting fees for one member and one guest* 
*Free admission to a barrel tasting*
*Invitations to annual crush and harvest,
special Wine Club events every quarter*
10% off of 1 to 3 bottles
15% off of 4 to 11 bottles
20% off of 12 bottles or more
Your only committment to Dry Mill is to purchase 12 bottles of
wine each year (3 bottles every quarter) at a 20% discount.
You even get to choose the wines you like to drink!





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 Come enjoy the variety of wines we have


Chambourcin (2015)

Like a black cherry and blueberry pie with vanilla and nutmeg.  The flavors are bright, while the finish leaves you with a smooth toastiness.

Merlot (2014)

Loaded with fresh cherries and plum, with undertones of cacao nibs.  The finish lingers with rich velvet

Norton (2014)

A Rich nose of candied pomegranate and black cherry that your will find on your palate. This wine is strong and supple.

Norton (2015) 

  Kissed with cacao powder, warming winter spices, and raspberry, this Norton has     light tannins and a lingering finish.  The expert blend contains 7% Merlot, and is accentuated by 30% new Virginia oak. 

Chambourcin Rose (2016)

This wine is luscious and full of strawberries and tart cherries, accented with a bit of orange zest.

Stainless Steel Chardonnay (2016)

First, an approach of tropical fuits, apriots and clementines. Second, reminiscent of lemon custard...the perfect combination of luscious and crisp.

Stainless Steel Chardonnay (2017) 

Full of lemon and minerality.  It’s like biting into a ripe Honeycrisp apple! This is one of the more rich Stainless Steel Chardonnay’s we’ve ever made.

Barrel Chardonnay (2017)

Is it a wine or is it a lighly scented lemon sponge cake, frosted with a vanilla buttercream, sprinkled with toffee crumbles? You decide.  

Traminette (2016)

Orange blossoms and lime zest spring from the glass, while the palate evokes memories of pink lemonade on hot summer days. Perfectly balanced and crafted with a delicate sweetness.

Sweet Stallion

Not too dry, not too tart, not too sweet. Just Right!

Barrel Chardonnay Reserve (2016)

Compared to the 2016 Barrel Chardonnay, the reserve is just MORE.
More exotic vanilla, more refinement, more length
in the finish. That’s the result of 25% MORE new French oak.






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