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Tuesday - Wednesday  1pm-5pm

Friday - Sunday  12pm to 6pm

(Closed Monday & Thursday)


Easter Sunday
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

Flight of Wine $14 + tax 

Reservations required for groups of 6-10 ($30 non-refundable deposit required -- to be applied to purchases on the day of the reservation)


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Wine Club   
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*No tasting fees for one member and one guest* 
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*Invitations to annual crush and harvest,
special Wine Club events every quarter*
10% off of 1 to 3 bottles
15% off of 4 to 11 bottles
20% off of 12 bottles or more
Your only committment to Dry Mill is to purchase 12 bottles of
wine each year (3 bottles every quarter) at a 20% discount.
You even get to choose the wines you like to drink!


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 Come enjoy the variety of wines we have!

Stainless Steel Chardonnay (2017)  $26
It’s like biting into a ripe Honeycrisp apple on a warm fall day!  This is one of the richer Stainless Steel Chardonnay’s we’ve ever made.

 Barrel Chardonnay (2017)  $27
Is it wine or is it lightly scented lemon sponge cake, frosted with a vanilla buttercream, sprinkled with toffee crumbles? You decide!

Viognier (2017)  $29
With no oak influence, the fruit is allowed to shine!  There is a lemony minerality here, complimented by tropical floridness, delicate apricot, and a hint of fresh almonds.

 Traminette (2017)  $27
Like a stroll on a warm summer’s night, perfume fills the air with orange blossom, lime zest  & newly unfurled roses.  The delicate aromas are complimented by a soft and mouthwatering finish.  Residual Sugar = 1.8%

 Cabernet Sauvignon (2016)  $30
With firm dusty tannins, this Cab is full of red raspberry and orange peel.  It’s a perfect pairing for a steaks or fireside.

 Cabernet Sauvignon Short Hill Vineyards (2016)  $35
A true expression of the soil at Dean’s Short Hill Vineyards with a rich palate & velvety tannins.  89% Cab Sauv., 11% Petit Verdot.

 Chambourcin (2015)  $28
Like an earthy Bordeaux-style wine, this Chambourcin is approachable with gentle tannins, rich vanilla and a lots of Black Cherry.

Chambourcin (2016)  $28
This light bodied and versatile wine sports bright flavors of black cherry, scented with cocoa and delicate vanilla.

 Merlot (2014)  $29
Loaded with fresh cherries and plum, with undertones of cacao nibs.  The finish lingers with rich velvet.

 Merlot (2015)  $30
Dark cherries and earth come together to create this lovely, medium bodied Merlot; accentuated by characteristic leather and cedar in the finish.

Norton (2015)  $30
Kissed with cacao powder, warming winter spices, and raspberry, this Norton has light tannins and a lingering finish.  The expert blend contains 7% Merlot, and is accentuated by 30% new Virginia oak. 

Norton (2016)  $30
The nose explodes with grape hyacinth & cranberry, followed by a lusciously velvet finish.  It’s both juicy & mouthwatering….  Yummm!!!

Chambourcin Rose (2017)  $25
With a kiss of sweetness, balanced by crisp acidity, you’ll love the easy going nature of this wine.  Note the hints of mandarins and fresh cherries.   (0.6% residual sugars)

 Sweet Stallion  $26
Not too Dry, Not too Tart, Not too Sweet, Just right

Mead  $25
Made from honey, water and yeast.  Simple ingredients for a simply delicious wine.
(1.7% Residual Sugars)   


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